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Stain remover-bleach for children's clothing Inseense TARA DASHI, 600g

Buy Stain remover-bleach for children's clothing Inseense TARA DASHI, 600g

Артикул: Inspyat600/det

An effective and versatile stain remover – bleach Insense Tara Dashi enhances the effect of detergents. Created on the basis of active oxygen, it acts in three directions: stain remover, bleach and washing enhancer. It will be an excellent helper for moms for careful washing of children's clothes.

Quickly and efficiently removes stains of various origins: juice, milk, baby food, cereals, grass, fruits, chocolate, butter, as well as stains from natural biological contaminants. Also, the Insins Tara Dashi stain remover can be used to disinfect various surfaces.

To combat complex stains, Inseense Container Dashi is recommended to be used when pre-soaking laundry or together with detergent. You can wash not only white clothes, but also colored baby clothes. The stain remover reliably preserves and refreshes the colors of colored linen, effectively bleaches and gives whiteness to white linen, neutralizes odors. It provides purity, freshness and pleasant aroma.

The innovative formula of the stain remover – bleach Insins Tara Dashi with active oxygen is suitable for all types of fabrics. It carefully preserves the structure even with frequent washing. Suitable for allergic children: it is completely rinsed out and does not form dust that irritates the upper respiratory tract. Effectively copes with pollution at low temperatures.

Stain remover-bleach for children's clothing Inseense TARA DASHI, 600g - Features

Срок хранения36 месяцев
Compositionперкарбонат натрия >30%, хлорид натрия 15-30%, карбонат натрия 15-30%, НПАВ (растительного происхождения) <5%, мыло <5%, ТАЭД (активатор стирки) <5%/
Expiration date36 месяцев
Вес600 g