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Sanitary pads for women postpartum Inseense 10 pcs

Buy Sanitary pads for women postpartum Inseense 10 pcs

Артикул: Insgpr10

Insense urological pads quickly absorb liquid, hold it securely and neutralize the spread of odor.

Thanks to the innovative design, the pads ensure uniform and fast absorption, leaving a feeling of dryness and comfort.

The soft inner surface is pleasant to the touch, does not irritate the skin.

Modern materials and a breathable top layer prevent the spread of bacteria.

The comfortable anatomical shape makes the pad almost imperceptible, allowing you to maintain comfort and freedom of movement during use.

The adhesive layer of the gasket ensures reliable fixation without shifts and twists. The pads are easily attached to both disposable underpants and regular underwear.

Feminine hygienic postpartum Inseense pads will protect against leaks both day and night.

Sanitary pads for women postpartum Inseense 10 pcs - Features

Purposeдля взрослых
ImpregnationБез пропитки
Expiration date5 лет
Article numberInsgpr10
Country of originРоссия