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Inseense Classic Plus NB diapers (0-5 kg), 29 pcs

Buy Inseense Classic Plus NB diapers (0-5 kg), 29 pcs

Артикул: InsCNB29Lime

Comfortable and breathable diapers of the Inseense Classic Plus series:

  • They hold the liquid securely and keep the baby's skin dry for up to 12 hours, which makes diapers ideal for night use.
  • The upper breathable layer of the baby diaper is made of soft cotton material, which promotes free air circulation.
  • The inner layer, created using the unique Magical tubes technology, instantly absorbs and evenly distributes the liquid inside the diaper. The structure and arrangement of the channels prevent sagging and the appearance of lumps and make the inner absorbent layer incredibly flexible.
  • Reusable Velcro fasteners securely fix the baby's diaper, do not allow it to slip and retain complete freedom of movement. 
  • A wide belt without sticky tape provides a soft fit of the diaper to the baby's tummy and quick access to the umbilical wound for treatment. 
  • The universal anatomical shape of the diaper repeats the curves of the baby's body, suitable for boys and girls. 
  • The moisture filling indicator will tell you in time when the diaper is full and it should be replaced with a new one.

The packaging of the Inseense Classic Plus diapers (29 pcs.) is recommended for a bag in the maternity hospital, and will also be a good gift for young parents. 

Inseense Classic Plus size NB baby diapers are suitable for children weighing from 0 to 5 kg, can be used for premature babies. 

Choose baby diapers correctly, according to the size range: NB (1) up to 5 kg, S (2) 4-8 kg, M (3) 6-11 kg, L (4) 9-14 kg, XL (5) 12-20 kg. When choosing, focus on the lower limit of the weight range.

Inseense Classic Plus NB diapers (0-5 kg), 29 pcs - Features

Number of diapers per pack29
SeriesInseense Classic Plus
Country of originРоссия