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Inseense Baby Washing powder TARA DASHI 900g

Inseense Tara Dashi baby washing powder is a highly effective eco–friendly detergent for washing children's clothes, underwear and diapers. It will help mom to wash children's clothes easily and simply. Suitable for hand washing and washing in washing machines of all types.

It is used for washing linen, cotton, membrane, as well as fabrics of mixed types. You can wash outerwear and sportswear.

Detergent with mineral-organic complex gently affects the fabric, preventing deformation of products and preserving color saturation. It can be used for washing white, colored, black things. The powder is completely washed out with water, does not leave white stains on clothes.

The detergent Inseense Tara Dashi is suitable for children from the first days of life, and can also be used for people with sensitive skin and prone to allergic reactions.

The formula "Active oxygen" effectively combats stains, including fat, protein contamination. Your underwear will be spotlessly clean.

Insins Tara Dashi baby powder contains no phosphates, chlorine, aggressive surfactants, phosphanates, artificial dyes and zeolites. Created from biodegradable components, Inseense Tara Dashi powder is compatible with all types of septic tanks.

Volume: 900 gr.

Recommended washing temperature: 30-90° C

Recommendations for use: Before washing, read the manufacturer's information on the labels of your products. Take into account the information on the labels when choosing the temperature and washing mode. Use a special measuring spoon for dosing. Observe the correct dosage of the powder. It is recommended for all types of fabrics except wool, down products and silk products. To obtain the desired result with complex fatty impurities, we recommend following the dosage table and the elevated temperature regime. In case of heavy pollution, as well as bleaching of white things, we recommend that you try the Inseense Tara Dashi stain remover based on active oxygen.

Inseense Baby Washing powder TARA DASHI 900g - Features

Срок хранения36 месяцев
Compositionкарбонат натрия более 30%, перкарбонат натрия 15-30%, сульфат натрия 15-30%, хлорид натрия 5-15%, НПАВ (растительного происхождения) 5-15%, мыло менее 5%, энзимы менее 5%, активатор стирки менее 5%.
Expiration date36 месяцев
Вес900 g