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Miracle cream protective Inseense, 80ml


Miracle cream protective Inseense protects and soothes sensitive skin. The cream contains ingredients with antiseptic, antibacterial and healing properties. The unique composition with zinc oxide creates a protective barrier on the skin, relieves irritation, prevents the appearance of diaper rash and bedsores in bedridden patients, as well as people with mild, moderate and severe incontinence.

The water-repellent base of the cream creates a protective barrier on the skin, preventing contact with irritating substances such as urine and feces.

The main properties of the cream:

- softens and soothes irritated skin in places of irritation and diaper rash;

- gently and delicately dries wet areas of the skin,

- it has disinfecting and antibacterial properties, reliably protecting irritated and inflamed skin from pathogenic bacteria.

The specially developed formula of the cream softens and nourishes the skin well, promotes healing and restoration of the epidermal barrier.

The active components of zinc oxide in the cream are aimed at protecting the skin in places of constant pressure and friction.

Lanolin, which is part of the cream, has excellent softening properties, keeping the skin hydrated and soft.

Lavender essential oil has healing and anesthetic properties. Promotes skin healing after burns, frostbite, eczema, bedsores, wounds and bruises.

It is recommended to use as needed. Suitable for any skin type and any age.

A convenient jar of Miracle Inseense cream with a volume of 80 ml will last for a long time. The cream is very economical to use. A pea-sized cream is enough for one application.

Method of application: Apply a small amount of cream to pre-cleansed and dry skin in the places of diaper rash and bedsores, distribute evenly and leave until completely absorbed. Don't rub it in.

Precautions: individual intolerance of individual components of the composition is possible.

Miracle cream protective Inseense, 80ml - Features

ProductsКосметика и аксессуары
Volume80 ml
PackagingТуба soft-touch с тиснением
Expiration date30 месяцев
Country of originРоссия